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Text(ile) and Photo(graph)

This grid-like assemblage of images combines the art of handmade textiles with photography. While some of the images here are photographs of actual textile objects, others depict supporters of Algerian Independence holding up their hand sewn Algerian flags. The symbol of the Algerian flag is unique to the struggle for liberation. Prior to Independence from France, it was a flag without a nation. FLN combatants made their own insignias and badges out of scrap materials, and both militants and Algerians supporting the resistance created flags with various shades of red, green, and white recycled fabric. During and at the end of the war, the French army took these cherished anti-colonial objects from their original owners and brought them to France. While photographs of the flag being used for protest and propaganda are widely and internationally available,  seized ‘war trophies’ are still presently housed in the archives of the French Army.


Click on the thumbnail images to expand each of the photographs and learn more about the origins of the objects represented. Recommended for desktop viewing.

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